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What is Octave Audio?

Octave Audio is a joint venture business between publishers News UK & Bauer Media (the ‘Publishers’) that provides personalised audio advertising to their users across digital streams for radio and podcasts. This includes brands such as Absolute, talkSport, Virgin Radio and Kiss. Octave Audio collects information from publishers websites such as The Times & Sunday Times, The Sun, talkSport, Virgin Radio etc.   

Managing Cookie Preferences

Publisher websites use technology called cookies which allow this website to recognise and respond to you as an individual. 

A cookie is a unique numeric code that is transferred to your computer’s browser to track your interests and preferences and to recognize you as a return visitor.  Information may be collected automatically by cookies and other technologies. 

You can choose to accept or decline cookies, e.g. by visiting or clicking on the AdChoices logo that you will see in the corner of advertisements that carry behavioural targeting cookies.

You can also manage your browser cookie preferences (depending on the browser you are using) at:

If you do choose to decline cookies, please note that not all elements of this website may function as intended, so your website experience may be affected.

Opting Out of Octave Audio

You are able to opt out of the use of your data from Octave Audio by visiting publishers websites and clicking on the cookie settings. If it is the first time you have visited the website, you will normally see the consent modal window before entering the website as per the screen grab below. 

By clicking on the Show Vendors option (located at the bottom of the modal window) you will be able to see a list of all vendors including Octave Audio. You are then able to opt out as per the screengrab below. 

If you are a frequent user of the website and do not receive the consent modal window upon your first visit to the website, you can access these settings by the ‘Cookie settings’ link in the footer of the website. 

Contact Us

If you have questions or requests about the processing of your personal information or need additional information, you can contact us at and