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Transparency and brand safety are at the core of our business. Please find below a full list of our audio brands and some of the podcasts your Digital Audio advertising message could be heard on.


Absolute Classic Rock
Absolute Radio
Absolute Radio 00s
Absolute Radio 10s
Absolute Radio 20s
Absolute Radio 60s
Absolute Radio 70s
Absolute Radio 80s
Absolute Radio 90s
Absolute Radio Country
Cool FM
Cool FM Old Skool
Downtown Country
Greatest Hits Radio
Heat Radio
Hits Radio
Jazz FM
Kiss Bliss
Kiss Dance
Kiss Fresh
Kiss Garage
Magic at the Musicals
Magic Chilled
Magic Radio at the Movies
Magic Soul
Mellow Magic
Northsound 1
Planet Radio
Planet Rock
Tay FM
Times Radio
Virgin Radio Anthems
Virgin Radio Chilled
Virgin Radio UK
Virgin Radio 80s


Absolute | Frank Skinner’s Poetry PodcastAffluent Adults
Empire | The Empire Film PodcastAffluent Adults
The Times | Red Box PoliticsAffluent Adults
The Times | Stories of our timesAffluent Adults
The Times | The GameAffluent Adults
The Times | Times News BriefingAffluent Adults
Jazz FM | Cabinet Of JazzAffluent Adults
Jazz FM | The Mishcon Innovations SeriesAffluent Adults
Absolute | The Frank Skinner ShowEntertainment Enthusiasts
Absolute | The Jason Manford ShowEntertainment Enthusiasts
Empire | The Empire Film PodcastEntertainment Enthusiasts
Pilot TV | Pilot TV PodcastEntertainment Enthusiasts
The Times | Secrets Of The Side HustleEntertainment Enthusiasts
The Times | Walking the Dog with Emily DeanEntertainment Enthusiasts
Virgin Radio | The Chris Evans Breakfast ShowEntertainment Enthusiasts
Absolute | Frank Skinner’s Poetry PodcastEntertainment Enthusiasts
Absolute | Hometime With Bush & RichieEntertainment Enthusiasts
Absolute | The Dave Berry Breakfast ShowEntertainment Enthusiasts
Absolute | Rock ‘N’ Roll Football With Matt Forde And Matt DysonFans & Players
Clyde | SuperscoreboardFans & Players
talkSPORT | Clips of the weekFans & Players
talkSPORT | Following On CricketFans & Players
talkSPORT | Hawksbee and Jacobs DailyFans & Players
talkSPORT DailyFans & Players
talkSPORT HITFans & Players
The Times | The GameFans & Players
The Times | The Ruck Rugby PodcastFans & Players
Absolute | The Frank Skinner ShowPassionate Parents
Absolute | The Jason Manford ShowPassionate Parents
Empire | The Empire Film PodcastPassionate Parents
Pilot TV | Pilot TV PodcastPassionate Parents
The Times | Secrets Of The Side HustlePassionate Parents
Virgin Radio | The Chris Evans Breakfast ShowPassionate Parents
Absolute | Frank Skinner’s Poetry PodcastPassionate Parents
Absolute | Hometime With Bush & RichiePassionate Parents
Absolute | The Dave Berry Breakfast ShowPassionate Parents
Absolute | Hometime With Bush & RichieSME
Absolute | Rock ‘N’ Roll Football With Matt Forde And Matt DysonSME
Scala | Charlie Higson & FriendsSME
talkRADIO | Independent Republic of Mike GrahamSME
talkSPORT | Clips of the weekSME
talkSPORT | Following On CricketSME
talkSPORT | Hawksbee and Jacobs DailySME
talkSPORT DailySME
The Times | Red Box PoliticsSME
The Times | Secrets Of The Side HustleSME
The Times | Stories of our timesSME
The Times | The GameSME
The Times | Times News BriefingSME
The Socially Distant Sports BarSports
F1: Beyond The GridSports
The Price of FootballSports
The Good, The Bad & The RugbySports
The Final Furlong PodcastSports
Last Word On SpursSports
Jim Cornette ExperienceSports
Pitch SideSports
FPC Radio LIVESports
Jim Cornette’s Drive-ThruSports
RedHandedTrue Crime
Shaun Attwood’s True Crime PodcastTrue Crime
Casefile True CrimeTrue Crime
UK True Crime PodcastTrue Crime
True Crime with Kendall RaeTrue Crime
I Could Murder A PodcastTrue Crime
Cold Case FilesTrue Crime
Murder, Mystery & MakeupTrue Crime
British MurdersTrue Crime
The Secret History of the EstoniaTrue Crime
Saving GraceComedy
The Commercial BreakComedy
Impaulsive with Logan PaulComedy
Sibling RivalryComedy
The Bald and the Beautiful with Trixie Mattel and Katya ZamoComedy
Where There’s A Will, There’s A WakeComedy
True Geordie PodcastComedy
The Tim Dillon ShowComedy
Not My BaggComedy
Anything Goes with James EnglishSociety & Culture
The Sam & Billie ShowSociety & Culture
RadiolabSociety & Culture
The Joe Marler ShowSociety & Culture
Joe Rogan Experience Review podcastSociety & Culture
Coffee Convos with Kail Lowry and Lindsie ChrisleySociety & Culture
Go Love YourselfSociety & Culture
Fresh & Fit PodcastSociety & Culture
Astonishing LegendsSociety & Culture
Trust Me: Cults, Extreme Belief, and ManipulationSociety & Culture